The Relaters Manual

Old School Coaching For The Modern Man

Gentlemen, Do You Want To Relate To Women Better AND ReStart Your Life?

(Not Necessarily in That Order)

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Here Are Some Ways To Restart, Reboot and Reimagine Your Life Now!


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You may be a young man frustrated with where he’s ended up in life so far.


Your romantic relationships have been Huge disappointments.


The jobs you’ve had have been less challenging than you thought they’d be and they had less opportunity for growth.


In general, you have a growing unease with your life and life in general.

Things don’t seem right.

You want more but you’re not sure where to go from here.





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You’ve lived a full life up until now; 

You’ve raised kids;

Built a career;

You’ve stayed in good health and…

You might have even stayed married… or not.


You’re in the second half of life now…

It’s time to be exactly who YOU are and do what you LIKE to do…

AND do it with a wonderful woman by your side!




life coaching for men, relationship tips, starting over after 50




You don’t make the same kinds of decisions you did when you were 20, 30 or even 40 and…  




I’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of men and know there is a fair amount of bewilderment and misunderstanding

at what is happening in our society

and what has happened to women. 

You’re not alone.



coaching for men, relationship tips, find love again, restarting after 50, restart your life after 60


Here’s Why My Style Of Coaching May Be Right For YOU…


As a woman (well) over 50 I had to fight to figure out how to be a woman. Maturity in general is not an easy or straight forward process.

When you know who you are biologically then you begin to understand there is a WAY of being a man or a woman.

I had to figure how to be a woman and still be me and make my way in this world. That’s a tall order for anyone.


Doesn’t a strategic road map which ALLOWS you to restart and redirect your life

from where you are right now or if you’re after 50, sound good? 

What if you KNEW you had a wise, mature female confidante to guide you through it? (Someone like me).

Not to give you advice necessarily; you’re the expert in your life after all. 

But, a woman who you knew was on your side. 

A woman you could talk to about practically anything. (I’ve pretty much heard it all).

The kind, with a level of maturity, whereby she wouldn’t judge you or hold anything against you. (That’s me).

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coaching for men, relationship tips, save your marriage, save your relationship yourself


“Wow! I’m amazed at the information Dyann gave me. She hit the nail on the head and offered advice to help me deal with my son and his wife in a much better way. I’m thinking more clearly too. No more scrambled egg thoughts!”

Les – Idaho


“This lady really knows how to connect to someone and provides excellent guidance and encouragement in many different areas of life. Dyann truly cares about her clients and always gives sincere advice. I recommend her to anyone looking for help in relationships and job direction.”

 Jay – New York


“I have been struggling with so much sudden change in my life that I took the next step to get help. I am so fortunate that I found this life coach as Dyann has touched the very root of my inner conflict. Not only does she listen to me but has the wisdom to know when I am fooling myself and not facing my fears that drag me down. Her words and guidance have made such a difference in my life giving me a real road map to follow. After doing 3 sessions with her she has taught me relationships are real and that being true to oneself makes the difference to being true to all others. One day at a time and tomorrow will take care of itself – Thank  you.”

Alan – Florida


“One of the best and most relaxing sessions that I’ve ever had. I felt at peace and that’s saying a lot with everything that’s going on. I would highly recommend Dyann to anyone who’s looking for an escape and rejuvenation.”

Tom – New Jersey


coaching for men, relationship tips, find love again, restarting after 50, restart your life after 60

Who Is This Woman?

I’m Dyann Bridges, a  Private Confidante and Coach for Men (Especially over 50)

Dyann’s Relaters Manual: A Guide For MEN —> Will Give You A Road Map To Find Love After 50

Dyann’s Relaters Course Gives You The Road Map To Love Via Video & Audio

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Psssst… that’s NOT me, but she sure looks like she’s having a good time, right?

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  • coaching for men, relationship tips, find love again, restarting after 50, restart your life after 60