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Gentlemen, You’re Over 50 Now – It’s Time To REINVENT Your Life – FAST!

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Because what have you got to lose? You’re on the downslide after 50 anyway, right? He he he…


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This is the time to have FUN!


You’re in the second half of life… it’s time to be exactly who YOU are and do what you LIKE to do… AND do it with a wonderful woman by your side!


Which means you don’t have time to waste on mistakes.

Life ticks on for all of us and after the half way point everything looks and feels different.

Something inside our psychology and biology shifts.

Karma kicks into to High Gear.

It’s why every decision you make now comes back on you faster.

You’ve lived a full life up until now; 

You’ve raised kids;

Built a career;

You’ve stayed in good health and…

You might have even stayed married… or not.


After 50 the world looks different. Your place in it feels different too.

You don’t make the same kinds of decisions you did when you were 20, 30 or even 40.


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Yet, you’re unsure of how to proceed. Especially, in your love life. 

Romance, or the lack of it, affects everything in your life….

your work, your health and your state of mind. 

You may be looking for a little guidance and a strategy to help you move forward. 

Doesn’t a strategic road map which ALLOWS you to restart and redirect your life after 50, sound good?


What if you KNEW you had a wise, mature female confidante to guide you through it?

Not to give you advice necessarily; you’re the expert in your life after all.

But, a woman who you knew was on your side. 

A woman you could talk to about practically anything.

The kind, with a level of maturity, whereby she wouldn’t judge you or hold anything against you. 


A woman you could talk to about private parts of your love life, as well as, confidential parts of your work life. 

Basically, I connect with you in a way that helps you with ALL the relationships in your life.

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Now, what exactly is NEEDED from you to make the second half of your life, after 50, the BEST half?






Let’s take a deep dive….


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Here’s one of my favorite male historical figures who was known for making BIG changes.

The inimitable…   Winston Churchill  —>

Churchill was known to be mired in change throughout his life.

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Here are a couple examples of his quotes which reveal his philosophy…


winston churchill reinventing himself, success is not final, failure is not fatal, relationship goals, life coach for men

life coaching for men, reinvent your life after 50, coach for men

As a woman staring 60 in the face…

These Churchill quotes really resonate with me! 

What do you think? 

You may not be facing a world war, but your life {especially your love life} certainly needs a reboot or restart or you wouldn’t be here right now… 😉


Read more about Winston Churchill here…

I’m going to speculate that right now, you more than likely want a mature, sagacious woman to speak to…

A woman who will listen attentively and point out the fantastic aspects of your life that you may have overlooked or even taken for granted.

You need a compassionate woman who will remind you of all the wonderful qualities you developed over many years to get (and keep) your successful life.

You’re looking for a sensual woman who understands how much you need the passion back in your in marriage or long term relationship or help you find a new love.

AND —> That’s why I’m here… 


Who Is This Woman?

I’m Dyann Bridges, a  private confidante and coach

for Men over 50.


Psssst… that’s NOT me, but she sure looks like she’s having a good time, right?


restart your life over 50, private confidante and coach

I’ve been a massage practitioner, energy worker and somatic therapist for over 20 years.

{I’m also a freelance writer and graphic designer}

It was a natural progression to take this experience and become a coach for men. 

After all, it’s still a man’s world, right? And if you’re a smart, successful man over 50 you know what I mean.


Read more about Dyann here…

If you’d like to book a discovery call to see if we would be a good match for your coaching journey please contact me here:

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Back to YOU…


Are you starting to think a ‘second half strategy’ might be a good thing for you, but you’re not sure if coaching in general (or me specifically) may be right for you?


That’s understandable. So let’s see if you’ve landed on the right site… Do you recognize yourself in the following points?


You’re a successful man who’s accomplished a lot after 50, but find that few people are listening anymore…


successful man, reboot your life after 50, relationship advice

You’ve been married for awhile or in a long term relationship with a lovely woman…

but the passion has gone and you don’t know how to get it back.


relationship advice, life coach for men, restarting your life after 50


OR maybe, you want to start a new romance after 50.


lovely lips, relationship tips, coach for men, starting over after 50, 60

You’re a perceptive, erudite man who needs an objective opinion about life and how the world has changed.


hotline, relationship advice, life coach for men, female coach, start over after 50

You’re feeling a bit vulnerable with your lack of conviction and uncertainty about your next step at this stage of life.


You DON’T want to ask your buddies, co-workers or family members.


Everyone deserves at least one personal confidante who is objective, wise and compassionate… and at this stage of the game you’d like that person to be a female contemporary. A woman who you know you can trust to never betray your confidence.


You, like so many men, have concerns about being taken seriously and making a real difference in this world and with the people you care about the most. 


You can still do that in the second half of your life after 50. It can be accomplished with a strategy and an adherence to the old school values you grew up with…

coaching for men, relaters manual, dyann bridges, relationship tips

As well as, some good old fashioned coaching!


Sometimes, a man after 50, has been so busy with his life he’s not even sure what’s going on inside of him.

You may not have a clue how you’re really feeling or just have a vague sense of dissatisfaction.

 It’s totally Okay… We’ll dive into it.


When you haven’t had much time to concentrate on your inner environment and are not accustomed to witnessing your thought process, it can help to have a supportive and encouraging coaching relationship with someone like (me) Dyann.

Getting feedback from a woman who can calmly and insightfully ask you A LOT of questions about you and your life and {perhaps} make a few suggestions can be enormously helpful.


life coaching for men, relationship tips, starting over after 50

Ultimately YOU are the EXPERT of your life…

Especially, after 50

When I ask you the right kinds of questions, it helps to get you thinking in ways you hadn’t before.


Basically, I help you find YOUR OWN BEST SOLUTION… not because I have all the answers, but because YOU DO.


I’ve talked to thousands of men and know that some bewilderment at this later stage in life is very common.

In other words, you’re not alone.

You want to discuss those unvoiced thoughts with a woman who has a compassionate objective view point.


And I’ll tell you…

I’m endlessly curious about the opposite sex and how men and women can better understand and relate to each other.

As well as, how a man can be more effective in the world and really make a lasting impact…


personal confidante, starting over after 50, reimagine and restart your life, coaching for men


In fact, here are a few gentlemen I’ve talked to recently…


“Wow! I’m amazed at the information Dyann gave me. She hit the nail on the head and offered advice to help me deal with my son and his wife in a much better way. I’m thinking more clearly too. No more scrambled egg thoughts!”

Les – Idaho


“This lady really knows how to connect to someone and provides excellent guidance and encouragement in many different areas of life. Dyann truly cares about her clients and always gives sincere advice. I recommend her to anyone looking for help in relationships and job direction.”

 Jay – New York


“I have been struggling with so much sudden change in my life that I took the next step to get help. I am so fortunate that I found this life coach as Dyann has touched the very root of my inner conflict. Not only does she listen to me but has the wisdom to know when I am fooling myself and not facing my fears that drag me down. Her words and guidance have made such a difference in my life giving me a real road map to follow. After doing 3 sessions with her she has taught me relationships are real and that being true to oneself makes the difference to being true to all others. One day at a time and tomorrow will take care of itself – Thank  you.”

Alan – Florida


“One of the best and most relaxing sessions that I’ve ever had. I felt at peace and that’s saying a lot with everything that’s going on. I would highly recommend Dyann to anyone who’s looking for an escape and rejuvenation.”

Tom – New Jersey

Problems are often very Complex AND Layered.


The BEST  SOLUTIONS tend to be the SIMPLEST.



Read The Relaters Mission Here…

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So… every coaching journey starts with 3 questions;

  1. What’s the problem or issue you’re facing?

  2. What is the desired goal or outcome?

  3. What’s most important to you?  What do you value the most?


Then we’ll drill down into a few of the Biggest areas of your life;

  1. We’ll take a look at the relationship dynamics between you and the women in your life

  2. Acknowledge and practice the Power of the Present Moment

  3. I’ll help to reveal thought and behavioral patterns you may not be aware of 


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Download Dyann’s Coaching Foundation & Philosophy HERE….

From there it’s a matter of building the neural pathways to accept the new, fresh and extremely positive thought patterns!

This way of working with a client helps me help you find a workable solution….  FAST!

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Now, I don’t believe you need to talk with a therapist or coach for months or years on end. 


However, I have my greatest success with clients when I have a chance to speak with them regularly over 3-6 months MINIMUM to a maximum of one year. 

Although, I have clients who still call a few times a year who I’ve known for nearly 10 years now. Not because they feel they have to, but because they appreciate my unique perspective.



All you really need is a willingness to grow…

A readiness to change…

And a desire to experiment with new thought processes and behaviors.

So with the premise that time is of the essence… 

Contact (me) Dyann for a get-to-know-you phone call to see if we are a good match for this coaching journey.

Email Dyann here: To Get this Show on the Road!

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**My prices are reasonable and include follow up.**

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