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The Biggest Difference Between Male & Female EGOS…. (VIDEO)

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In this short segment from a Bridges Bulletin podcast segment, we look at the differences between male and female egos. <—– Click the link to watch the video!
male female dynamics, relationship tips, relationship advice, coach for men, life coach relaters manual
It’s important to know, in general, how men and women differ in how they think about themselves.
And it’s HOW the DIFFERENCES manifest that I emphasize in the podcast/youtube video.
This helps us be sensitive and attentive to the vulnerabilities of the opposite sex.


The Male Ego…

Refers to a man’s sense of self-esteem and self-importance. This manifests in certain, and often predictable patterns he needs from the outside world to strengthen his sense of himself.

So much of this has to do with how a man is RECOGNIZED in his group. A man wants to be acknowledged for what he can do and how he takes action.

When the external pattern breaks down, this can lead to negative behaviors such as arrogance, aggression, and a need for control.

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The Female Ego…

Refers to a woman’s sense of self-esteem and self-importance.

Women need an external pattern of experiences to feel confident as well. 

This tends to manifest in a way that lets a woman know she’s given something of real value to the world around her. 

This is often something whereby others have felt SUPPORTED or NURTURED by her.

That could be something as simple as her making a nice meal for him.

It could also mean her unique point of view, or even raising a child that grows into a happy, productive adult.

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