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HOW You Make Decisions Determines The Quality Of Your Relationships

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MEN: Did You Know That HOW You Make Decisions Determines

The Quality Of Your Relationships?


Here is the transcript of the video on How You Make Decisions Determines the Quality of Your Relationships


Today we’re discussing making decisions as a man, how you make decisions, when you make decisions, gentlemen, and the importance of making clear decisions and sticking to them.

This is a very important aspect of dealing with women, both in your personal life and professional life. It’s not necessarily about drawing a hard line and then sticking to it no matter what.

Ask yourself, “What hill are you gonna die on?”


It’s more about demonstrating to her that you can lead and a leader needs to make good decisions, clear decisions and stick with them.

Well, here’s an example;

I was listening to a relationship coach, and he was talking about one of the mistakes that he made before he learned what women expected of him.

He had asked this girl out for dinner and he was really concerned about pleasing her, so he had about five or six restaurants in mind.

So, they went to the first one, and he says, “What do you think? Would you like to go to this restaurant?”

And she was like, “Yeah, okay, sure.”

For him, that wasn’t an emphatic enough answer, so he decided to go to the second restaurant… 

“Okay, what about this one?” he says. Would you like to go to this one?”  


She says, “Okay, yeah, sure.”

Again, not a really definitive answer. Apparently he did this five times on the fifth times.

She then looked at him and said, “I’m hungry, I’m going to Subway.”

And that’s what she did and it left him with his head spinning. He had no idea what he had done wrong.

And I thought that was a perfect example of what happens when a man does not take charge.

Although he is making decisions, they’re just not clear and they’re not solid. He keeps deciding to go to the next restaurant because he’s relying on her to give him a solid… Answer.

Yet, this is critical in the dynamics between men and women. When a man is solid and decisive, she can respond to it…

That’s the key gentleman.


Watch how she responds. If she goes, “Oh yeah, okay,” that’s an indication you can go ahead and that she’s willing to experience the restaurant.

If she really doesn’t want to do that, then she can be clear about that too. Even better, perhaps she can suggest something that she really would like to do… Now you’re really communicating.

But the point is, make a decision.

This is how you lead, and this is how you entice a woman, it makes you immediately more attractive, immediately.

It will be night and day. She will respond positively to this, and if she doesn’t, then she’s probably somebody who prefers to be in charge and is afraid of her own vulnerability as a woman.

However, without this ability to make decisions, you’ll never be the leader in the relationship that she needs.

Male and female dynamics are absolutely critical for not just great relationships, but life in general.

Male, female dynamics are everywhere; in the workplace, at home, and interactions everywhere across the globe.

I’d love to know your experience as a man with women, let me know by sending me a message.

Thank you for listening and have a very sensual day.

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