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The Uneven Playing Field of Life (Male/Female Dynamics) A Cautionary Tale

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In this short segment Dyann discusses some of the “uneven” playing field of life and Male/Female dynamics.
The differences between men and women in the public realm should be acknowledged.
Acknowledging the differences in Male/Female dynamics allows us to relax and accept circumstances.
Then instead of fighting what is, we can find favorable ways around distasteful circumstances without the stress of resistance. Here’s what Psychology Today had to say on this topic…



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Dyann is a mature woman (born in the early 1960s) and has spent a lifetime enjoying men and figuring out how best to relate to them and navigate the world they’ve built.

There is no doubt women now stand shoulder to shoulder with men. However there are distinct differences between the sexes that need to be understood and honored.

That’s where The Relaters Manual comes in. 

If you’d like some help with an issue in your life and want to talk to someone who is objective, compassionate and can offer some REAL advice on what might be going on and how to handle it… give Dyann a call.

Dyann specializes in — male/female dynamics, restarting your (personal and professional) life after 50 and being a confidante to help you navigate the waters of your life.


I’m a publisher, voiceover performer and Coach & Confidante for MEN. I’m always open to feedback.

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