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Did You Know The Health of Your Nervous System Is Critical For Great Relationships?

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Everything is more difficult when we’re stressed. We know this…

Relationships though, are particularly vulnerable to stress. Especially when it lasts for months or longer.

Stress erodes a deep sense of relaxation and safety in our world. When that happens we have to fight harder to find balance in our personal relationships.

And we know that many men want to be more attractive to women… so keeping stress at bay is vital.

A big part of staying calm and understanding the harmful effects of stress is understanding how it affects your nervous system.

Without a strong nervous system you won’t have the capacity to deal with the small things in life.

They’ll feel like big things and you’ll waste energy on them. Which means you’ll have less energy for your partner.

The bottom line is this, take care of your nervous system by knowing how to clear stress from your biology.

That way you’ll be much easier to deal with and keep your relationships harmonious!

Meditation is one great way to clear stressed energy and so is exercise…

It also helps if you have a harmonious relationship with a woman in your life…

I’ve also put together some info that helps you understand women better… which of course helps you develop LESS Stress… get it here..

What to look out for in your physicality to detect a stressed nervous system….

Signs Of A Damaged/Stressed Nervous System

  • Digestive and immune system problems
  • Chronic pains and persistent illness
  • Habits and patterns that become distracting
  • Emotional irregulation (such as depression and anxiety)
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Foggy thinking
  • Difficulty forming lasting and positive relationships
  • Mental blocks (such as fear and resistance)

Signs Of A Healthy Nervous System

Emotional IntelligenceAccepting your emotions without judgement prevents the nervous system from overloading. What goes on inside of you is your business. No one else needs to know. It’s best to develop boundaries and a sense of stoicism to help you (as a man) move through this world effectively.

Immediate Stress Relief – A healthy nervous system helps you take small things and roll them right off your back. In relationships, sometimes things are said that are easy to

Better Sleep – Sleeping deeply refreshes you and your nervous system. Letting go of stress before bedtime is important for proper sleep.

Boosted Immunity – There’s lots of evidence to prove that being positive and letting energy flow boosts your immune system. We’ve all had the experience of blocking energy and allowing negative thoughts to build up and feeling physically worse because of it.

Elevated Energy Levels – A strong nervous system acts like a shield against stress. When you learn how to repel bad or negative energy quickly, you don’t build up stress. This means you’ll have extra energy that’s not just wasted and can be used productively.

Regulated Gut Health – It’s important to have a digestive system that breaks down food properly to allow for the absorption of nutrients and elimination.

One of the best ways I’ve found to relieve stress is meditation.

It’s something you can do most places and doesn’t cost a thing. You can even meditate with your special lady.

Dyann has been meditating for over 20 years. She can help you learn to relax within 2 minutes. She’s also a specialist in male/female dynamics. You’ll be relating better than ever in no time. Contact Dyann today…

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