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A List Of Kissing Tips For Better Relating & More Intimacy

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This is a ‘Kissing Tips’ list which I’m quite sure will help you develop more intimacy in your relationship with your special lady.


It’s based on research by Dr. Helen Fisher, who is a PhD biological anthropologist and Senior Research Fellow, at The Kinsey Institute, Indiana University.


It sounds clinical, but I assure I’ve made it sensually relatable.




It turns out, men and women kiss for different reasons.

  • Basically, women kiss men to discover information about him.

  • Men, unsurprisingly, kiss women to get them into bed.


  • However, both sexes kiss to become emotionally closer.


Women love to connect to men through kissing.

We want to get lost in the feel of a man’s mouth, his lips and tongue.

Having regular intense kissing sessions with your lady is important because it helps you achieve depth in your relationship. It brings the two of you closer together emotionally and physically.

Your lady can tell a lot from how you kiss her. Women want a man to really be turned on by them and frankly… a kiss doesn’t lie.


Here’s The List of 14 Kissing Tips for you to try:

#1 – Go in slowly for a kiss. Hold her in your arms first and allow your breathing to synchronize. It will help her yield and soften toward you.


#2 – Don’t go for her mouth first. You could start by kissing her forehead, eyelids, neck, cheeks and décolletage (upper chest) before kissing her on the lips. Try nibbling her ear too. That’s fun!


#3 – Go softly. Make your lips as full and soft as you can. You want her to feel the sensuality of your kiss and be in the moment with you.


#4 – When you first start kissing her, start with shorter kisses. Maybe a series of sweet pecks on the mouth, but pay attention when you do this. You want to make her want more without putting her off.


#5 – Try moving from her lips to her neck, to her cheeks and her forehead, then back to her lips again.


#6 – Take breaks. Breathe each other in deeply. Look into her eyes and connect with her.


#7 – Compliment her. Make her feel desirable. In between kisses, tell her how sexy and beautiful she is.


#8 – Let her talk or make noises or whatever sound she wants to make. Allowing her to vocalize what she needs to during your kissing session will help her surrender to you.


#9 – Don’t have an agenda for getting more than kisses. Don’t kiss her to get sex. Kiss her for the sheer joy of connecting with an attractive woman who is willingly offering herself to you.


#10 – Many women need signs of appreciation when kissing their man. So make sounds of pleasure when kissing her. Be attentive. Too much sound from you can be overwhelming for her.


#11 – Lay her down and get above her. Hold her down lightly as you kiss. Hold her hands against the floor/mattress. Give her the feeling that you are dominant while making it clear she has choice. She must feel like you will NEVER hurt her.


#12. Move her body for her. Shift her hips a bit. Move her leg. Firmly but gently. Take control of everything and reward her for letting herself go into the bliss you are creating for her.


#13. Use a wide variety of kisses. Pecks. Smooches. Deep tongue kissing. Delight in her.

#14. Mirror her actions. Notice how she kisses you and kiss her back in the same ways. Then watch how she responds.

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According to further research… a study found that 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women said they have ended romance after the first kiss.


The Last Tip…


So, be careful how you kiss. It could be the beginning, or the end, of something beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed these kissing tips.


Thank you for reading and have a sensual day, Dyann xoxo

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