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“RELATIONSHIP DEFINITION” – Has The Meaning Of Relationship Changed?

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In this blog post we discuss the term “RELATIONSHIP DEFINITION” —> Why? Because almost 15,000 people type in this search term every month. We discuss what that means for our society. 

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TRANSCRIPT OF “RELATIONSHIP DEFINITION” – Has The Meaning Of Relationship Changed?


Today I wanted to quickly touch on something that I thought was quite interesting.

To put out these audios and videos, I have to be up on keywords and what people are searching for so that I can stay relevant in terms of what to talk about.

One of the key words that came up was “relationship and definition”.

In fact, there’s almost 15,000 people a month typing in that term “relationship definition” to see the answer is also worth $3.36 per ad click, which is fairly high. Or at least, it’s certainly not cheap.

I wanted to address this because clearly a lot of people are even wondering what the definition of a relationship is.

Now, what’s happening today is that many people are using the internet to meet, but also have a relationship with…

So they connect…


They feel connected to another person through phone calls, texts, emails and live streaming through platforms like Zoom and Skype, among other types of technology.

The problem is, it’s only a partial relationship. It’s difficult to consider it a real one or a full one, when you don’t actually meet the person face-to-face.

When we do meet someone in person, you experience their full spirit, their full energy, and the impact of that.

Technology and all these wonderful tools that we have today, like the internet and computers, were supposed to enhance our lives, which they have.

However, we were never supposed to become so dependent on them that we forget how to be human and we forget how to relate to other human beings. Sadly, that’s what’s happening now.

So it’s hard to say that you have a relationship when you don’t actually see the person you’re in a relationship with face-to-face.


I guess it would be considered a partial relationship or maybe a pseudo relationship…


It’s true you are connecting with the person. Just not fully. Not completely. And I do believe that human beings need that.

Our nervous system, our consciousness, our DNA, interacts with the world around us. This includes with other human beings.

So, if you really want to connect with somebody else, you need to see them face-to-face and touch them and feel their energy coming off of them and smell them and just take them in in a fully physical way.

This is how we progress in life, our physical bodies have limitations built in, and one of the greatest teachers in life is relationships.

When we relate to other human beings, we learn a lot about ourselves and about humanity and about life. Intimate, romantic relationships are some of the most powerful teachers that we can ever have.

So, for those of you typing in “relationship definition” I suspect that you already know that if you’re having a relationship or connecting with somebody through technology that it’s not a full relationship.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be typing in the keyword “relationship definition”.


Something inside of you knows that it’s not a full relationship.


It’s true that you are connecting with somebody, but it’s a shallow comparison to a face-to-face, full-on real relationship when you’re dealing with somebody daily who is right beside you.

Now, if you need help finding a real relationship or to have more face-to-face time in the relationship that you’re in… I’m quite sure that I can help you with that.

I’m a specialist in male-female dynamics and getting more deeply into your own masculinity as a man can help you be more solid and more stable.

That right there will certainly attract the lady you’re interested in, even if you’ve known her for years.

She’ll want to spend time with you face-to-face because your strong, stable masculine energy feels like a solid place for her to feel safe in.

It’s the face to face time that we all need… That’s what keeps us healthy, it keeps us looking forward to the future and expands our minds, our consciousness and our spirit.

So, I’d love to talk to you about your situation. Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together.



Thank you for reading & watching ‘Has The Meaning of ‘Relationship Definition Changed?’ and have a sensual day, Dyann xoxo

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