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Jumping Into The Rivers of Life – Tips For Avoiding Bad Decisions After 50 {Podcast & Video}

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Jumping Into The Rivers of Life –

Avoiding Bad Decisions About The Paths You Take After 50…


In this Bridges Bulletin podcast segment, I discuss tips on avoiding bad decisions. Especially after 50.

Bad thinking leads to bad decisions which can take you down a path that can be difficult to get out of.

When you’re over 40, 50 or even 60 it’s especially important to avoid making bad decisions.


Why? Well, there’s not as much time or energy available to turn it around at that point. 


Starting over after 50 means starting fresh too!

Much about a successful restart has to do with frame of mind and ENERGY.

Keep your energy levels up and you stay young and healthy!

That really is the key to staying young… having energy. What drains energy?

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Inner Resistance To What IS.


If you still regret that decision that changed the course of your life 25 years ago, maybe it’s time to put things in perspective.


When you start to really think through to the possibilities of where you could have ended up…

Many times you discover it’s not so bad after all.



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