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Teammate VS Partner – The Importance Of Knowing Your COMMUNICATION STYLE

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In this podcast segment of The Bridges Bulletin – Old School Coaching For The Modern Man, Dyann Bridges discusses how your COMMUNICATION STYLE makes all the difference to the quality and intimacy of your relationship with your lady.

Is your communication style like a Teammate OR a Partner? What’s her communication style?


Why knowing whether or not you (and she) relate like a Teammate or a Partner makes ALL the difference to your happiness, success and peace of mind in your relationship.

Take a few minutes to listen and watch Dyann’s video below. It will help you understand the difference between these two styles (teammate vs parter) that will help you communicate better with lady in your life and in fact, EVERYONE in your life.



Relating to women is not easy! However, it IS worth it. Why? Because YOU WILL GROW in the process.

As you do, you’ll either find a lovely lady in the process or increase the intimacy in the relationship you do have now.

From my experience, I believe that one of our greatest teachers in the School of Life are relationships.


We are particularly vulnerable in romantic relationships. When we’re with someone we care about, sexually attracted to and someone we are intimate with on many levels we are exposed, raw and easily thrown off by the one we care for. 

My job, as a coach & confidante for men, is to help you understand women better AND help you feel stronger as a man.

Sometimes, like I do in this short podcast segment, I discuss insights I’ve learned from my own experience with men.

In this post, it has everything to do with communication styles… Are you a Teammate or a Partner?


Dyann Bridges is a publisher, voiceover performer and Advisor for men. If you’d like some help with an issue in your life and want to talk to someone who is objective and compassionate… give me (Dyann) a call.

I’m a specialist in Male/Female dynamics, starting over after 50 and an advisor who can help you find a solution for any problem in your life.


Because I ask you (the expert) the right questions that lead you to the best answer for your situation.

Email me to get better acquainted…

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Dyann is a Confidante and Coach for Men.

She’s a specialist on male/female dynamics and starting over after 50.

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