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This Is Why Protection Is The Most Important Part of ANY Relationship Foundation {Video}

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In this podcast segment of The Bridges Bulletin – Dyann Bridges discusses…

Why Protection Is The Most Important Part of ANY Relationship Foundation


You can also read the transcript entitled ‘Why Protection Is The Most Important Part of ANY Relationship Foundation’ below the video…


Hello everyone, this is Dyann Bridges. I’m a coach, confidante for men, and today I want to discuss protection of ALL kinds. Energetic, mental, emotional, physical, even financial, although not sexual.

I mean, everyone listening is an adult and I’ll let you take care of that yourself.

So, I want to touch on protection because I very rarely hear that discussed in terms of mental health, physical health and maintenance, and even spiritual health or energetic health, if you will.

And I think it’s important because it’s the foundation for everything. Every system, every successful system, they all have a maintenance system, which is meant to protect it and keep it and sustain it in a healthy vital way.

So let’s look first at energy.


Each person has an individual energy field and that interacts with everything around us in our environment every day.

And we’ve all had the experience of being tired or feeling sick and not having the kind of energy that we usually do, that tends to take its toll on us mentally and emotionally, as well as physically.

Since everything does start in the energetic realm, on the quantum realm, energy is the most important place to keep protected. It’s like if you want to keep your money protected, you put it in a bank or physically, you want to stay fit, eat well. Mentally you want to stay positive and focused.

These are not just ways of maintaining or getting ahead, they’re also modes of protection. It gives us a foundation. So energetically, protection comes from a sense of safety, and that can start way back in childhood.

If you don’t have a sense of safety and protection, everything else is a lot tougher.


So how do you gain a sense of safety and protection energetically? Well, in part, that can be a physical thing. The things you do every day to protect your money, to protect your physical health, to protect your mental and emotional well-being, are also the kinds of things that will keep you energetically protected.

This is really important. And in fact, the very thoughts and emotions that we feel every day are what will begin to infuse the patterns in our energy system.

So for example, there’s always some type of thought, some type of emotion that goes on, whatever that may be, so the more positive you can feel and think about any situation, the more safety and protection you’re going to have in your energy system.

Now, the patterns, the thought patterns that you are building are now starting to align with energies that are supportive, not destructive.

It seems simple, but it’s what people struggle with every single day.


We’ve all met people who always seem a little bit nervous or sort of not quite comfortable with themselves. And very often people like that have been badly abused or mishandled when they were younger, sometimes that abuse happens when they’re older and it shakes their foundation of who they are and interferes with their Relationship Foundation.

So I guess that’s where I really wanted to go today, is to encourage you to set up a foundation within yourself where you feel you have a sense of safety and protection around you.

It frees up your energy, it un-shackles you from negativity. You may notice that as you become more confident in your sense of protection and safety, that you don’t need as much sleep, that you have more energy during the day, it really does free up a lot of excess energy that is used up in sustaining, negative thoughts, dark thoughts,

Frankly, there are energies and forces out there that love to feed on your consciousness when you’re in that dark state and it becomes a dominant frame of mind.

Now when you start to think positive, you don’t know what to do with yourself.


Which is sometimes why people never move on from that. If they start to move forward they get an excess of energy or flow of energy that is overwhelming to them when they start to get positive.

That’s when the negativity sweeps in again, but they have more energy than they did before, and so…

Because they don’t know how to redirect it, they go back to the negativity in a bigger way, and that’s what having an unstable foundation and a lack of safety and protection does.

So those are my thoughts on protection. I really do think it’s the foundation for everything. Protection is of special important when building a relationship foundation.

I know for me, I try and gear everything toward feeling a sense of stability.

If you’re needing some advice in this area and want someone to talk to, I’m a coach and confidant for men.

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Thank you for listening and have a very sensual day.



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