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How To Make A Real Connection With A Woman – (Video)

how to make a real connection with a woman

Hello Gentlemen;

Have you wondered how you can make a real connection with a woman these days?


I know it’s tougher than ever to find something real and authentic with the fairer sex.

That’s why today I’m going to discuss connection.

How do we really connect with each other in these times when technology is so prolific?

Technology is wonderful, but it’s also taken over our lives in too many ways.


We’re being distracted by it to the point where we’re not having real relationships anymore.

Friendships or romantic relationships. So much of it happens through technology.


In fact, for many people now, most of their friendships, most of their relationships are now happening through technology.

And that’s even happening in the workplace. People are no longer gathering in the office and in other work environments.

They’re connecting through Zoom and other platforms like that. These are great inventions.

I don’t want to get rid of my computer, but we’ve got to find a way to pull back and get reacquainted with nature and with each other.

This changes you.


And act as simple as this, just walking through the woods, sitting by the water, letting your mind get still.

I think it’s time now to insist that people meet face to face, have a full on romance, have a full on friendship.

Emotions will get in the way.


There will be awkward moments, but that’s life and that’s connection.

So let’s get out there and meet each other face to face.


Thank you for listening and have a very sensual day.    <—- if video above does not play click here

Thank you for listening, and have a very sensual day…



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