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Hello Everyone! This is Dyann Bridges —> Life/Relationship/Performance Coach For MEN.

**I specialize in male/female dynamics… this ‘Dance of the Divine’ is what puts all the passion and excitement into life… not just with your wife or girlfriend… but in all aspects of life!**


The Relaters Manual is for Men who want to understand Women better so they can…

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Have Great Relationships & Sex!


Of course women need to understand men too, but men are the leaders in relationships.

So WHY should you listen to me? Because I’m close to 60 now but



When I was in my 20s I had a terrible time finding a boyfriend. Although, now I have a wonderful man in my life. (Lucky me)

I was young, attractive, energetic and completely insecure.

Any ‘relationship’ I had amounted to a hook up or a one night stand.

The satisfaction from those encounters was always short lived.



Men almost NEVER asked for my phone number or took me out on a real date or engaged in any type of “courtship.”

Any kind of boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with men lasted just a few weeks or months.

There was one 3 year relationship during my 20s which left me drained and feeling terrible about myself.



Finally, when I was staring 30 in the face,  I decided enough was enough.

No more random hook ups with strangers. A man would have to ask me out and follow through.

I was worth MORE than a cheap one night stand. 

I FINALLY began to acknowledge my worth…


The fact is… nobody beats LIFE.
Part of becoming a woman (or a man) is accepting life and people as they are. 

But, that was just the beginning. 

Accepting how life comes at you is one thing… accepting yourself in relation to the opposite sex is quite another.

It meant changing my behavior and attitude as well.

So I vowed to do my best;

  • NOT to give my unsolicited opinion 
  • NOT to “speak my truth” with excessive emotion
  • NOT lose my cool (as much as possible)
  • NOT show a lack of confidence in my demeanor no matter how bad I felt
  • NOT show that someone else’s behavior or words “got to me”

These behaviors were part of the maturing phase.

I did “grow up” so to speak, but I didn’t feel like I was building self esteem.


So I kept looking for answers...


I spent numerous years in and out of therapy during my teens and twenties.

Talking about my problems helped to some extent, but I don’t think there was much healing that went on in those sessions.


I certainly learned how to analyze situations those… which I did ad nauseam.

In fact, I couldn’t break out of the analysis pattern very easily.

It became a way of looking and interacting with the world.

I would analyze people, myself and everything around me as I was going through it.

It’s not a way to live, though.


The biggest problem was this; I didn’t feel any better about myself!


I was growing, maturing and learning about life, but I felt worse and worse about myself too.

Wasn’t the whole point of therapy to eventually feel good about yourself?

So I kept searching and seeking….

I took up meditation and began studying ancient spiritual philosophies and religions.

Learning about how crystals worked, the aura and the chakra system in our energy fields became a near obsession.

I began practicing yoga. I started cutting out red meat and other specific foods in my diet.

This was all helpful and…

I still practice meditation daily, yoga regularly and stay away from red meat.

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It’s clear I was struggling in many ways. I was also young and enjoyed the company of men.

I wanted to find a satisfying relationship with a great guy. Doesn’t everyone?

I just couldn’t seem to find anyone that was interested in me over an extended period of time.


With all the meditation and dedication to spiritual understanding…

I began to realize it’s the Masculine/Feminine DYNAMICS which matter most!

All things start in the energetic realm.

Everything has an energetic component… including being a man or a woman.

I started to acknowledge that

There are energies to being a man or woman and these must be honored.


This includes behaviors, thoughts and actions.

In my case, I learned that because I was clearly in a female body and that I was most definitely attracted to men, my behavior made a difference in how people (and men) reacted to me.


The closer I wanted to get to a man the more I had to embrace my female energies. 

Otherwise, tension crept in and distance took hold. 

Those feelings of attraction and desire were not nearly as strong for either of us when I was not embracing my feminine ENERGY and he was not owning his masculine ENERGY.




The KEY to relating better to women is… being your best masculine self, accepting who she is as a woman, and then COMMUNICATING who you are to her effectively.

That’s really all a relationship is…



Now the way I work it this…. Phone calls only or email. You can book just a one off session or it can be ongoing.


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I’m ONLY available by phone. My privacy and Yours are of the utmost importance.

Written correspondence and phone calls are the best way to communicate for our assured anonymity. 


This is not traditional coaching per se. I’m a confidante. Someone who you know is in your back pocket and in your corner.

Ask me ANYTHING about your life and I will do my best to help guide you to the best answer for you.


What Does This Mean?


I will ask you a lot of questions. It’ll get you thinking in different directions which stimulates your critical thinking skills and your unique independence of mind. This always leads to a creative solution which is usually the best one.


After all, YOU are the expert in your own life!


Now —> back to the Gender Polarities – Which is where all passion originates from…. Gender polarities, sensual life coaching, erotic audio, audio porn, mature female voiceover, custom audio, sexy MP3


Once you understand the principles of the gender polarities you’ll know how to communicate with women for the rest of your life!!

So, let me help you with that.

Let me save you years and years of tension, pain, doubts and fear.

It takes a lot of life force energy to engage in a relationship and especially a marriage.

It takes even MORE life force energy to deal with a break up or a divorce.

I can help prevent that trauma.

I can be your coach, therapist and confidante through your marriage woes. If you need a bit of advice, I can help get your relationship back on track.

And… I can help you feel like the strongest, most confident version of yourself possible.

You just need to be willing to…


If you’re truly ready to be a relating rockstar… to engage in the fun, passion and adventure that embodies a hyper-polarized relationship then please CONTACT ME.

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Happy relating and have a very sensual day.

Dyann Bridges Life and Relationship Coach for MEN.