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The Relaters Mission

This is the Relaters Mission From Dyann BridgesCreator of The Relaters Manual & Coach For MEN

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The Relaters Mission

WHO Are You?

I, Dyann, specialize in helping intelligent, successful MEN over the age of 50 who’ve made a significant impact in their lives, hit the restart button, so they can stay relevant in their professions, reignite their love lives and reinvent themselves before they decide the game is over.

WHERE Are You Now?

You’re a successful, erudite, 50+ man wrestling with the direction of his life and having difficulty finding perspective on it all. You’re feeling unsettled with past decisions and course of events. It confounds you that you’re unsure how to proceed.

Deep down, you desire the opinion of a mature, compassionate, wise and sensual woman who can offer a different way to view your life which gives you clarity and peace. Yet, you demand a highly discreet and attentive approach.

WHAT Is The Outcome?

As a savvy, successful man over 50, you’re used to getting what you want and living in the style you’ve become accustomed to. You like to get to the point, but understand the value of process.

This is why Dyann’s approach has less to do with advice and suggestions and much more to do with asking you the right kinds of questions. That way you can find your own answers and your own contentment which is the only way it can be anyway.

As a result, you’ll be able to integrate your old school values, knowledge and past accomplishments to stay relevant in business, punch up the passion in your love life and view yourself and your life from the podium of a secure winner and cement your legacy in a fast changing modern world.


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1st Core Driving Principle of The Relaters Mission


male/female dynamics, save your marriage, intimacy in relationships

The Number One Core Driving Principle and entire reason why The Relaters Manual was created, was to help men communicate and relate better with women.

Male/Female dynamics is at the core of what I, Dyann, do with The Relaters Manual.

I believe the unique dance of love and romance between man and woman is the fabric of every society and has been since the dawn of time.

Without the deep abiding desire men and women have for each other, our species would not exist.

It’s the bond between a man and a woman which is the strongest. This surpasses even the bond between parent and child, as a child can never be equal to the parent.

And there’s the rub…


The sexes are equal but not the same.

Energetically, it’s the sense of equality both adults bring to the relationship which creates the firmest of relationship foundations.


2nd Core Driving Principle of The Relaters Mission


restart your life over 50, restart your love life, female coach for men


The Second Core Driving Principle that drives all the advice that I, Dyann, deliver is the fact that:

Every Moment is New and Presence is Power.


Paying attention gives us the greatest opportunity to experience connection and expansion.

We restart every morning and in every breath.

So, I think the bottom line in everyone’s life is that we all have a right to a fresh start.


3rd Core Driving Principle of The Relaters Mission

The Third Core Driving Principle is my desire to make this world a better place by being your life and relationship navigator and confidante.

female coach for men, mature sensual woman confidante, relationship help

I’m close to 60 now, as I write this in 2022.

I’ve been a life long student of human behavior and psychology, not the least of which is my own.


As well, for more than 20 years I practiced as a massage therapist and energy worker.


My training in talk and somatic therapies was motivated by my desire to be content and thrive in a world that is constantly changing and often awash in negativity.


So, it was a natural evolution for me to adopt the title of ‘Life Coach.’


It’s also a natural fit for me to work with intelligent men over 50 who have accomplished much, made an impact, enjoyed the rewards and are now somewhat bewildered as to how they can stay relevant in their work and rekindle romance and passion in their personal lives… because I’ve been there and understand.


If you’re feeling unsure as to how to proceed in this stage of your life… that’s where I come in.

I’m the wise, mature, sensual woman you’d like to have in the background of your life to consult with on many things. I understand and appreciate the interactions with a strong man in a confidential manner.

Frankly, I weave discretion into everything I do online and off.


So, if you’re wondering if I may be of assistance to you then please contact me, Dyann.

You can email me or book a call directly at the following links.

In the meantime, here are a few quotes which reflect The Relaters Mission…

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winston churchill reinventing himself, success is not final, failure is not fatal, relationship goals, life coach for men





eckhart tolle quote, relaters mission


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Thank you for your interest in The Relaters Mission.

Dyann Bridges CMT, author & life/relationship/performance coach for men.

I look forward to speaking with you gentlemen and possibly becoming that wise, mature, sensual woman you keep in the background of your life.


Contact Dyann today about rebooting your personal and professional lives after 50.


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